Airborne she


The tempests

She rode


Neither left nor right

Both wings in


The skies they


An eagles eye

Caressed this


Arisen O mother


Thou shall never


(c)copyright vijay nair july2018

A jogger awakens

Even a momentary flutter of self assertion,negates in a single stroke(the fruits of)long standing traditions and disciplines-and when the whole community and nation indulge so,the very roots start to decay, crumble.Individual consciousness make up the many pillars of a strong progressive nation.

It’s a cascading effect like pinballs, only that they don’t fall, but stand tall.This physical body now is but the extension of a unified awakening,each act movement pouring out a message, that of constant renewal grown and evolution.It should not be that only the voice startles.Restrictive movements stifle the synergy between body and mind,it becomes claustrophobic.LET GO

Like jogging.Let not only your legs carry you forward.Have a few things in place.Your attitude for one,an awareness, that one’s very being is surging forward.Watch it,then the gait changes, you arch back.The flow of breeze across the face a revealing hindrance,a compliment.

In the work place be a jogger then you can attain your goals.Now when it concerns grace, the jogger runs a circle, concentric moving towards the center, fast becoming a dot merging-“I and my Lord are One”.The dot disappears, Self assertion? Now forget it,read again.This time remove the effort for ‘knowing’.Can you? If you can, it’s a leap unto eternity